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CONTACT cabinet handle


Simple, tactile, nordic.

This simple, yet elegant, cabinet handle has a wonderful feel to it, and gives a warm touch to your kitchen, bathroom og wardrobe cabinets or drawers.

Available in: Walnut (as shown), Oak, Black oak, and Ash

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Product Description

Internationally acclaimed Danish furniture designer Hans Sandgren Jakobsen, has thought out a series of beautiful wooden cabinet handles – perfectly suited as the final touch to any elegant kitchen, bathroom or wardrobe interior.

Carefully selected wood combined with skillful Danish design, craftsmanship and engineering has been used to create these magnificent interior gems. Available in walnut, oak, black stained oak and ash, they will all give your home a tactile and friendly vibe.

They feel natural to touch, and the warm nature of the wood gives you a comfortable sensation every time you reach out for them. Handles are the true contact points of your home, and the ergonomic design and soft material conveys the heartbeat of your home.

CONTACT cabinet handle | SONO AMBRA